We Provide First-Rate CPR and First Aid Training Courses in Perth, WA


Learning how to identify life threatening situations and knowing how to respond are very important life skills both in and out of the workplace. Being taught the correct and up-to-date processes will ensure you not only remain calm, but you apply the correct care given the situation. Wilson Medic One has continually set the standard for first aid and CPR training courses not only in Perth, but throughout Australia. As trusted health and safety training providers, we ensure all of our programs adhere to the strict guidelines put in place by the Safe Work Australia Code of Practice, Australian Resuscitation Council, and other such governing bodies.

We believe it’s vital that we educate the workforce, and the general public, in the correct and safe procedures when it comes to handling an emergency. This is why we encourage those from all walks of life to apply for one of our comprehensive senior or refresher courses for those of all experience levels and competency.

Our first aid and CPR refresher and senior courses are delivered by practicing professionals

All of the lessons we deliver in class are the same processes we implement out on the field. This is what sets us apart from other training providers, and one of the many reasons organisations, businesses and large companies enlist the services of our highly experienced instructors. All certificates are nationally recognised, giving you the freedom and opportunity to work and take further study throughout Australia.

Our health and safety courses are trusted throughout Perth and the rest of Australia

All of our nationally recognised CPR and first aid training courses are designed to equip you with the most up-to-date skills and industry knowledge in regard to a variety of health emergencies. Our programs are not only available in Belmont, Perth, but we’re also located throughout the country, including Melbourne , Brisbane and beyond.

Did you know we can come to your workplace too?

That’s right, if it’s inconvenient for you to come to our Belmont location, we can arrange for one of our professional instructors to come out to your workplace. This is an excellent opportunity to upskill your staff and ensure they’re prepared in the event of a life and death situation. Our wide range of health and safety courses, entry and senior first aid courses and workplace and industrial health courses are a great way to ensure your workplace and employees are equipped and compliant in workplace safety.

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