World-class health services and pre-hospital care education.

Give your health services a health check with Wilson Medic One.

Live and breathe the best paramedical training in the country.

Learn the latest in life-saving first aid, first-hand.

Wilson Medic One provides a complete health solution Australia wide.

​We are Australia’s dedicated provider of world-class health service training, industrial and event services and patient transport. Here for students across Australia with considered, personalised medical support and tailored education, we help all pupils achieve their career and study goals in the health service industry.​

Clinical Governance and Medical Oversight underpin our ‘culture of care’. Governed by our committee of highly qualified and experienced specialists, we drive excellence across pre-hospital care, clinical performance and education. We provide premium learning outcomes for all our students, who become the most talented and well prepared employees in the health services industry.​

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